Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long time, no blog

At this time, I am averaging a blog here every 6 months or so. Pretty sad, eh? I figure I will revisit blogging in the new year from time to time.

So, what has been happening in the last 6-12 months?
  • Really got into Spinning and other Les Mills classes at my gym- Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Attack. I have gotten addicted to Yoga and Pilates!
  • Been running off and on- haven't done a road race in about a year. That will change in 2010!
  • Been traveling like madwoman for work after taking on some new responsibilities.
  • I got engaged!
Yeah, the last point is definitely the most exciting! Long story short- I started dating a guy I met at work last fall. We dated for a little over a year. He rocks. We got engaged this past November in New Orleans. Planning a Fall 2010 wedding in Charleston. He is the most wonderful guy on the planet- woohoo!

So, in the wake of that news... will be definitely picking up the work out schedule again FULL FORCE. I have been working out steadily since taking vacation around the holidays... funny how I can fit 2-3 hours of working out in each day when not working :)

More to come... Happy New Year to all!


Jamie said...

Congrats! Have fun planning and enjoy this exciting time!

keen footwear said...

Congratulations! Hope you can update your blog, I'm sure there are lots of people waiting to hear from you.:)

oakley said...

Congrats! Good luck on your plans!

CharieT said...

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