Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greetings from Indy!

This week has taken me to Boston and now Indianapolis. I have decided to stop stressing about the half marathon next weekend and just sit it out. Yes, I lose my $60 registration fee but I really don't care. I actually leave that day to go on a cruise so I am not TOO upset. Of course, part of me is still wavering and thinking I could just walk/run the damn thing and take 6 years to finish. I think I have pretty much made up my mind.

I hit the workout room this afternoon- did 3 miles on the treadmill and 15 minutes on elliptical with some weights afterwards. I think I am gonna just stick with shorter runs and enjoy that before starting to train again. It is clear my heart and foot were not really into jumping back into half marathon training after Chicago. And that is OK!

In my personal life, things could NOT be better. Not really wanting to post anything about that right now... maybe I am scared to jinx it? Ha ha!! I cannot stop smiling!

Hope everyone is doing well... I have been slack on reading blogs recently. I did catch that a bunch of you are doing the PF Changs half in Phoenix in January. Sounds like fun! Doesn't look like it is in the cards for me though... I can't wait to track everyone online!

Phew... 11 days til I leave for the wonderfully fabulous waters of the Caribbean....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad bad bad bad blogger Tiff

I know, I have been MIA. Been running a little bit, lots of foot pain, lots of travel.

In Lexington, KY this weekend for my niece's baptism... at airport now heading to Phoenix for about 16 hours, then on to Chicago. Then home. Home sweet home.

Did 3 miles this morning through the good ole' Kentucky hills. Been a tad stressed lately about being ready for the Kiawah Half in only 3 weeks. Have had NASTY foot pain in my left foot- everyone seems to think it is plantars although I have not gone to doctor. Have not been home.


And if I do not run it, no big deal. I am a tad lackluster about running. Strangely, have felt this way since the Chicago Fun Run.

Sorry my blog is not really a source of inspiration today. That is why I read all of yours :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chicago Lakefront... brrrr

Well, I reluctantly drug myself out of my warm, fluffy Sheraton Heavenly Bed yesterday morning to run in Chicago! Weather reported the temps as 29 degrees when I set out- I put on my cute winter running clothes (much snappier than my summer gear), my new Chicago Marathon (grrr) running gloves, and off I went.

Felt like a crapola popsicle the first mile.

Second mile... feeling good...

By mile 3, I felt awesome! Could have gone for days... ok, maybe a few miles.

In the end, I did about 5 miles and some change.

Felt awesome.

Be back in Chicago in about 10 days...working on some big deals with local cultural orgs. Will return to my fav running route!

Still on the fence to do a 10 mile run here in Charleston on Saturday morning. I need motivation!!!!!!!!!!

Happy trails!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Race report I can't really remember...

Sorry- short term memory and I have been to San Francisco, Charleston, Cleveland, Charleston, and now Chicago since. Woooohooooo!!! (Hey- any of you Chicago bloggers want to meet up for a run Wednesday morning? I am hella slow- but Chicago can't hold me down. No ma'am)

So, the Grape Stomp 10K rocked. The weather was swell (60 degrees and zip humidity)

Most laid-back race I have ever done. No chips. Some dude wearing a tie-dyed shirt yelled GO! and off we went... probably around 300 of us? Course was out and back on paved path and dirt road. Felt good... finished in about 1:04, rocking about 10:25 min/miles. No PR there, but who cares? Drank some wine after the race and jetted around wine country in the convertible before heading back to San Fran.

Life is grand :)

Tiff in her natural state, sporting her new Gucci sunglasses from BOO YEAH

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why I haven't blogged recently...

Take your pick...

1. I got married in Vegas and have been honeymooning in Reno
2. I got attacked by an evil porcupine
3. I won the lottery
4. I have been hella busy and traveling like a madwoman

OK, last one is correct. I know I still owe you, loyal readers, a Grape Stomp 10K race report and I need to read your blogs, and do the laundry, and find a respectable man to marry, etc etc etc. Sheesh! Life is busy.

I love you all. I did not forget about you.