Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, reading the updates out in Blog World has been pretty depressing lately... injuries, folks having to drop out of races due to health issues and serving jail time, etc. OK, maybe not jail time... but still. Injuries are not good.

I am still alive. Not injured. Just unmotivated to blog.

My runs have been lackluster lately. Hot, muggy, waking up at 4:15 AM to beat the heat during the work week. Lots of work, travel, stress, relationship drama, etc etc etc.


So... I have not felt like blogging. I am hoping to get a rejuvenated spirit. I am a mere 6 weeks from Chicago and I feel like I am losing momentum... fast.

My first step to getting out of my rut was to post here.

Now I am accountable. I will only run with a smile on my face from now to October 7th.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three cheers for Brownie!

Brownie finished the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run this weekend in 28:38:39!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnn!! Way to go!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007 the middle of a looooong trip...

Left home Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM for DC. Stuck last night here after my flight to Lexington, KY was me a BONUS vacation at the Hilton Crystal City. Yahoooooo!!!
Flying out today to see family in Lex, attend friend's wedding tomorrow in Louisville. Fly to Raleigh Sunday... and now going to San Francisco Tuesday night... back next Friday.


At least I got a treadmill run in this morning. Lord knows much I love the treadmill... choke choke :)

Happy trails to all!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

RawwwWrrrrrrrrr rAAAAawwrrrrr RaaaWWWrrrrrrrrrrr

What is that sound, you ask?

a) A bear coming out of hibernation, ready to eat anything and everything

b) Tiff scavenging the kitchen several hours after a long run

c) All of the above

Yeah, definitely answer C.

I know 16 miles is good and everything for health and weight loss and I burned a ton of calories but then why do I eat anything and everything in sight? At least I am eating healthy stuff, as opposed to In-N-Out Burger or Sonic or something.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tip of the day!

Over 25,000 coupons and discount codes for pretty much ANY online site you would ever shop on. It lists the codes, the percentage of time that they work, and any comments.

I have saved quite a bit already using them for,, and renting a car on

Hurray for DEALS!!!

16 miles this morning... a new PR!

This morning was hot, muggy, humid, and everything else you would not want on a 16 mile run day. Lately, I have increasingly questioned my decision to a) Run a marathon and b) Run a fall marathon which means summer training yeeeech. Nonetheless, I know I can't whine to all of you because many of you are doing the same exact thing... some of you even training for more challenging physical feats.

So, this morning came early with a 4:50 AM wake up call to get my stuff together and out the door to meet my group. The first couple miles were a little fast which I ended up paying for later. We talked about anything and everything and enjoyed the quiet and peaceful solitude before the sun came up. I got a little burst of energy at mile 7 from some GU and getting fired up from talking about someone that really pi$$ed me off lately... always helps while running!

I changed running shorts and my shirt at mile 10 as I was drenched in sweat, refueled, and hit the last 6 with a groan. I really struggled through miles 12-15 although it still did not pull down our average pace per mile and my running group even stated they were running faster than normal today with me there.

In the end, I finished the 16 marking a new running record for myself and I feel great- albeit a tad sore and I have some chaffing issues from my sports bra when it was wet against my skin (maybe change it, too?) despite lots of BodyGlide. I drove home feeling on top of the world and ready to tackle anything. It sounds so cheesy but I love it... running just makes me feel like I can do anything and gives me this fabulous aura of confidence.

This afternoon is our company picnic which I think I am going to skip in lieu of taking a nap in my wonderful bed, studying for the GMAT, and just enjoying NOT spending my entire weekend running around and doing stuff.

Happy trails to all!