Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long time, no blog

At this time, I am averaging a blog here every 6 months or so. Pretty sad, eh? I figure I will revisit blogging in the new year from time to time.

So, what has been happening in the last 6-12 months?
  • Really got into Spinning and other Les Mills classes at my gym- Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Attack. I have gotten addicted to Yoga and Pilates!
  • Been running off and on- haven't done a road race in about a year. That will change in 2010!
  • Been traveling like madwoman for work after taking on some new responsibilities.
  • I got engaged!
Yeah, the last point is definitely the most exciting! Long story short- I started dating a guy I met at work last fall. We dated for a little over a year. He rocks. We got engaged this past November in New Orleans. Planning a Fall 2010 wedding in Charleston. He is the most wonderful guy on the planet- woohoo!

So, in the wake of that news... will be definitely picking up the work out schedule again FULL FORCE. I have been working out steadily since taking vacation around the holidays... funny how I can fit 2-3 hours of working out in each day when not working :)

More to come... Happy New Year to all!