Saturday, October 25, 2008

Five miles this morn- WOOHOO!

Been doing a lot of traveling and working out lately... have hit LA, Vegas, Albany, LA again, Albany, and Tampa in the last 4 weeks. Fortuantely, the Tampa trip was a last minute decision to woop it up at the World Series for Game 1! Chief Wahoo had an extra ticket and I could not pass up the opp!

Did the Charleston Race for the Cure 5K last weekend and was happy to return to racing! Been running 3 miles or so a couple times a week, doing a lot of elliptical and biking, and weights. Overall, I feel terrific... and have avoided stepping on any more nails! :)

This morning I met my impromptu running group and we did five- it felt awesome! I am looking at doing the James Island Connector 10K next Sat, a 10-miler mid-November, and of course... the Kiawah Half early December.

Off to watch football!

Happy trails!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Just stepped off plane back in Charleston. What a trip...

Good news- I am up to running 3-4x a week...doing 3-4 miles regularly.

Am debating signing up for a 10K race this weekend- can run most of it and just enjoy the beautiful (cooler) weather... or I can do the 5K option.


Good to be back!