Saturday, October 25, 2008

Five miles this morn- WOOHOO!

Been doing a lot of traveling and working out lately... have hit LA, Vegas, Albany, LA again, Albany, and Tampa in the last 4 weeks. Fortuantely, the Tampa trip was a last minute decision to woop it up at the World Series for Game 1! Chief Wahoo had an extra ticket and I could not pass up the opp!

Did the Charleston Race for the Cure 5K last weekend and was happy to return to racing! Been running 3 miles or so a couple times a week, doing a lot of elliptical and biking, and weights. Overall, I feel terrific... and have avoided stepping on any more nails! :)

This morning I met my impromptu running group and we did five- it felt awesome! I am looking at doing the James Island Connector 10K next Sat, a 10-miler mid-November, and of course... the Kiawah Half early December.

Off to watch football!

Happy trails!


Mendy said...

Congrats on getting back at it. 5 miles seems like forever for me right now. I'm starting back though and happy to be back on the road.

We will be down there for the race, don't really think I'm running it though. I think I'd hurt myself if I tried to run 13 right now. But, we've already got a place to stay and whatnot, so we'll be there. Would LOVE to finally meet you!

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