Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ten miles of trails!

I ventured out to the West Ashley Greenway this morning with one of my running pals to get a last long run in before the Kentucky Derby Festival half marathon next Saturday. We got a later start due to my partner having a loooong night out- finally hitting the trails around 10:30 AM- and it was getting hot already at that point. I have gotten spoiled with the nice 60's and 70's we have enjoyed lately but got hit this morning with high 80's, full humidity, and almost no shade to hide in. To top it off, my running pal was slightly unprepared and forgot to bring her own water, GU, or whatever else she normally brings. So... I shared :)

It was hoppin' today on the Greenway- bikers, runners, walkers, a lot of people with their pets... and the occasional illegal golf cart. My partner started mentioning only doing 7 or 8 once we got to mile 3. No way I was having any of that!! I was doing 10!!!! So, I made a deal with her that she could just walk starting at mile 4 and I would keep going to mile 5 and turn around. She agreed- hurray! Miles 6-8 seemed to take forever. We had already covered most of the gossip and chit chat during the first miles or during the 6 mile run we had on Wednesday. Peace and quiet is sometimes nice. I got to mile 9 and told her I was going for it. I picked up the pace and finished strong which I was very happy about. Overall, a great run. I got some more sun, enjoyed a beautiful morning, and even saw a couple work friends out on the trails.

I also got to road test a new Adidas sports bra which was awesome!! I think it is my favorite yet- and on sale at the Adidas outlet for $9.95 each! I might head back and get every color they have (such a Tiffany thing to do). I am becoming more and more a fan of the Adidas gear- cute, functional, and a good deal at the outlet. Wooohooo!!

Hope everyone else's training is going well... I have been following the blogs :)

6 days til KDF Half! How many other race courses actually take you THROUGH Churchill Downs? Swweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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