Monday, April 09, 2007

Kayaking…. do you think I can do it?

I consider myself a novice to intermediate kayaker. Do you think I will be ready to do an 8 mile cross country run/12 mile kayak adventure race on May 12th? The race description used the word “grueling” at least 6 times in the paragraph of four lines.

So…I have never measured the distance I have kayaked… how long should I expect to take if I go at a moderate pace?

I might just go for it and start training now... luckily I have PLENTY of water to practice on here in Charleston!!!


Catwoman said...

One of my gym instructors recently did a 24 hr adventure race. She's pretty fit and her team dropped out. She said the kayaking was the hardest part. So I wouldn't under estimate how hard it will be.

But don't let that put you off. It sounds fun!!

Katie said...

That will be tons of fun! let me know how it goes...I'm interested in those adventure things;)

Tiffany said...

Geez- a 24 hour race?? WOW!! I am hoping my race will take less than 5 hours. I could always "wimp" out and just do the half marathon.

My, how my view of racing has changed :)

Will keep yall posted- need to start some training ASAP!!!

And who cares if I finish dead last and everyone has already packed up and gone home?